Mythological Creatures

Alien Creatures Top Five Painful Cryptids
The Trickster (Human Collective Subconscious Mind) are at work on such a simple stage that people do not even understand our own estimated qualities as we encounter them. The turmoil, the infighting and the mental cannibalization of brother against brother and cousin against brother, it is all there before us to clearly see but we do not.

Encapsulated in our own fear-based constructs, we stroll aimlessly about within an accusatory manner toward each other all the while the exceptionally innovative refined character of the Trickster Brain revels in their ability to justify their living through the chaos it has generated within us.

You see, I believe we've never not been in continuous connection with ab muscles things that have people searching. The saucers, the cryptids, the apparitions, the disembodied comments and the strange phantom Mythological Creatures are merely decoys or subconscious emotional projections. We drop for the bait every single time. We've always hunted whatever we fear. We have always killed whatever we fear. We are tormented by this Trickster Element because we could neither hunt it nor destroy it. We're continually seeking it without and therefore we blindly pursue the thing that most along dwells within.

Do you intend to know very well what I must say i believe the Paranormal is? It's that forgotten resource within people that becomes the phantom projections of our darkest creative machinations hidden serious inside our subconscious mind. We pursuit these phantoms saying, "I've seen a ghost!" or "I found a strange craft area around there!" and then get frustrated when these whom failed to truly have the same experiences have today labeled you as a kook. That's the Paranormal! It's that simple reptilian brained, anxiety based catalyst residing within that has a voracious appetite for conflict and confusion. The functions of hostility and disorientation equally feed it and perpetuate it and we stay tricked with mouths agog in abject frustration because we can not catch the phantoms which are causing the frustration.

Position your self in a straight jacket. Lock it up and throw away the key. You, in my opinion, have now caught the Trickster!

Here is a difference of the previous Zen Koan that requires if your pine falls down in the forest and no one is around to know it, does it produce a sound. Needless to say it does. But think about we change the flavor of the era old question.