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Paros, Greece As it Must Be
Paros was produced as tourist destination about 1960. The area presents a lot of character beauties, such as sandy shores, picturesque villages, high dunes for the windsurfing fans, great nightlife and fine accommodation in Paros hotels, apartments, companies and suites offering all modern features and amenities.

The 2 common villages of Paros is Parikia (the capital and dock of the island) and Naoussa. Parikia offers lots of accommodations, eateries, tavernas, evening groups and bars and as a money may be the professional center of the island, always busy and crowded. Naoussa community is the diamont of Paros. Actually is a small fishing town with an extremely picturesque small harbor, with narrow streets and a lot of eateries, bars and clubs, fish tavernas and needless to say great hotels developed on the beachfront and featuring spectacular opinions to the Aegean sea. For seaside lovers, residing in Paros lodges in Naoussa is a freedom as there are certainly a some of the most readily useful beaches of Paros regional, like Piperi seaside, Kolimbithres, Monastiri, Lageri, Santa Maria and Ambelas. You could visit these beaches by vessel, by coach or by taxi. Of course you might stay in your lodge and enjoy the swimming pool that the majority of the large school Paros resorts in Naoussa offer. Naoussa also presents great nightlife and continues living till early morning hours. In several words, Naoussa is the right choice for summer vacations in Paros Greece.

Apart from the beaches and nightlife, there are enough other pursuits to accomplish in Paros. We suggest you to go to some monasteries and churches and admire the architecture and the designs which is there for countless years.

Naoussa is associated with Parikia by bus on a regular base and is positioned on the northern element of Paros Island, at a 12 km range from Parikia and 20 km from Paros Airport.

Paros is linked to Athens (Piraeus port) and different Cyclades islands, Dodecanese islands and Crete by ferry and by jet with Athens Airport.

The history of Paros dates back ages since it has been inhabited since 3,200 BC based on the excavations built on the island of Saliagos, located between Paros and Antiparos-these two have probably shaped one single area during old times. According to Greek mythology, the Cretan Alkaios was the initial king of Paros, who determined to create his town on the site of today's area capital, Parikia. Throughout these occasions Crete was trading with Egypt, Assyria, and the Balkans, and Cretans transformed the island in to a naval stop that was provided the title of Minoa, an honorific name given to Royal Cretan where to stay in paros. This is explained because of the island's proper place that has been the ideal place for ships to stop-center of the Cyclades complex-and receive food and water resources since its plains were especially fertile-viniculture has given great benefits and the wines of Paros are famous all around the world for his or her great taste. In fact, over the centuries, Paros changed to an administrative and industrial center of Aegean and the crossroad of various civilizations. The area met situations of wonder and financial robustness, but additionally occasions of decline. All its previous is stated in the remains of the archaeological web sites, in the historic monuments and in museums that host archaeological findings. Grandiose Byzantine churches and monasteries with the structure of Cyclades show the heavy trust of its residents.

Today, Paros belongs to those journey locations which have international recognition, due to its natural girls, settlements and tourist infrastructures. Touring around Paros can load any visitor with distinctive pictures. Walking in the thin, with pebbles, paths, you is likely to be beguiled by the impressive atmosphere of Cyclades and the views all around the island. Naoussa has the most picturesque fish interface in Aegean Beach and if you want to visit back again to time, you are able to go to the villages of Lefkes, Marpissa, Alyki, Abelas, Drios, Piso Livadi and Pounda. Obviously, the island has a lot of luxurious resort complexes and affordable rooms to let, to cover the requirements of every visitor. Exquisite sandy beaches with gem seas, old-fashioned villages with whitewashed cubic houses in slim flat alleys contrasted with the many bougainvilleas, beautiful chapels, and a thrilling nightlife, variety a mix that may make your visit an unique one.